Adventure + Art

  photo credit : Jeff Cricco

photo credit : Jeff Cricco


Adventure + Artistry, a beautiful combo.

After traveling around the world racing bikes for 10 years I figured I was going to have to pick one or the other if I wanted to achieve a level of greatness in either.  I had a few "real jobs" that fueled my love of storytelling and kept bringing me back to creative impulses.  In my heart, I kept chasing adventure...  Somewhere along the way I realized we don't have to choose between our loves and we actually can have it all.  Now I bounce around riding bikes and skiing in the mountains while making art and weaving conservation tales and those that share these loves into the mix.

I am a YETI CYCLES Ambassador and I love to shred my Beti everywhere my art is taking me.  It turns out, I am still much happier when I've got a great bike in my life.


I'm also a GREENLEAF & BLUEBERRY Ambassador.  These are the most lovely watercolor paints any traveling or adventuring artist could come across.  Greenleaf & Blueberry paints are made traditionally in small batches with muller and slab, only using natural pigments that can be traced to geographical areas and geological sources.  I love them and the way they resemble the landscapes I play and create in.


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