Conservation + Art


As an artist, I must ask myself "what is it you want to make and put out into the world?"

I believe art is an essential part of the political and environmental equation right now.  Art has a way of cracking people open, drawing them in and creating emotional ties to complicated matters.  It also has a way of celebrating the places we love, reminding us of what really matters and keeping our hearts light and inspired.  I am dedicated to utilizing my skill set as an artist and a storyteller to help protect public lands, promote clean water and assist with climate related issues.

I create storymaps, infographics and custom commissions for organizations like American Rivers, The Access Fund, POW, and IMBA.

Please get in touch if you want to find a way to tell your conservation story through art!


Public Lands Project : Summer of 2017

I am actively assembling a team of artists and conservation organizations to work together and share resources in the shared goal of protecting our beloved public lands.  If this project interests you, please get in touch.  We are hoping to blast off with a number of collaborations this summer.