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I decided to add the term "Joy Evangelist" to my business card because it's at the root of where my inspiration comes from as well as what I hope my work as an artist has to offer... access to joy.  I find my own access to joy when I spend time outdoors, playing in the mountains.  I also find access to joy when I make connections with other beautiful humans and realize how many layers of connection there are between all of us. 

I did a "Random Acts of Kindness" art show at my local coffee shop as a social experiment.  I wanted to see what these whimsical signs could inspire and what ripples they might make in our community and beyond.  Additionally, I wanted to see what kind of discussion the topic of kindness would inspire so I created an interactive part of the show and asked people for their ideas.  To my delight, I had to add a second sheet of paper after two weeks and the ideas continued to flow.

I hope to do more of this work and live with joy and kindness in my own life.  Please contact me if you have ideas or if you want to work together in spreading access to joy!