WORKSHOPS: Developing your own creative voice

WORKSHOPS: Developing your own creative voice



6-9PM.  Group limited to 8 people- please sign up now!

No experience necessary.  All art supplies, drinks + snacks will be provided. 

Location: The Historic Carbondale Jailhouse, 499 Weant Blvd. Carbondale, CO 81623.

Workshop Details: This will be a very hands on, exploratory and PLAYFUL workshop that will expose participants to a wide array of watercolor techniques, styles, perspectives, and medias.  The goal of this workshop is oriented towards finding our own style through guided experimentation.  We will explore three major topics- color, mood, and level of detail. No previous painting experience is necessary!  Participants will be given all the supplies they need to use in class.  We will also experiment with mixing medias like pen, marker, collage, and metallic paints.  My hope is that participants start to feel empowered by their unique creative voice by recognizing the styles that feel most natural.  There is no right way to make a watercolor painting and I hope to show you that the vastness of this media is a thing of inspiration, not intimidation! Sharing your work with the other participants will be an important part of this class, so please come with that openness in mind.

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