I believe we need more kindness just as much as we need to have clean water, public lands, and action towards a healthy climate. I have started “experimenting” with a number of KINDNESS PROJECTS in the past year and look forward to doing more.

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an ongoing social experiment

The Kindness Jetpack is a tiny little bundle of love you can inject around wherever you go. Its a tool you can use to brighten someone’s day. Its simple but also special. Each jetpack is loaded with 10 little notes of appreciation for you to leave wherever you see fit. Perhaps it’s in a tip jar, on a coffee table for a stranger to find, or on your best friend’s dashboard after she had a long hard day. I painted each note individually… so there are no two notes that are the same.

I am currently developing more Kindness Jetpacks that are unique to different user groups like parents, teachers, and students. The new Jetpacks will be available in my SHOP in the Spring of 2019. If you have ideas or would like to share a story about how the Jetpack worked out for you, please drop me an email at

“RANDOM ACTS OF KINDNESS” art show at Bonfire Coffee in Carbondale, Colorado

I illustrated 40 different “Kindness Signs” at a local coffee shop in the winter of 2018. The signs were not for sale… they were purely a social experiment. In addition to the suggested random acts of kindness, I hung a community suggestion board. Within a week the suggestion board was full and I had to add a second sheet for people to contribute ideas and thoughts about Kindness. The involvement with the community suggestion board was just as inspiring as the thought of people conducting these acts of kindness around town, without any way of keeping track of the ripple effect. Kindness is proven to spread kindness. Let’s keep it going!