I host watercolor painting workshops designed to ignite the creative process for each individual. My workshops are more about self exploration and connecting with your creative voice than they are about technique and style. Please come join us for an evening my historic jailhouse studio or a hike into the wild the paint in nature!

Most workshops take place in my studio, the Historic Carbondale Jailhouse

Most workshops take place in my studio, the Historic Carbondale Jailhouse

Plein Air Painting in the Alpine Workshop on Thomas Lakes Trail outside Carbondale, Colorado

Plein Air Painting in the Alpine Workshop on Thomas Lakes Trail outside Carbondale, Colorado

I’ve admired Sarah’s work for many years, so to have the opportunity to spend a few hours, tapping into her whimsical creativity, felt like such a special experience. Even though I don’t particularly see myself as very artistic, she led us through an experience that allowed me to tap into my own inspirations and spend a few hours just creating. It was a really cool experience. Sarah’s a great teacher and I highly recommend her class to anyone considering it - regardless of your skill level!
— Katie Watkins, workshop attendee Summer 2019


Watercolor Wednesday’s Series with Marble Distilling Company in Aspen, Colorado

If you have not spent time at the downtown Aspen Marble Bar, the setting alone will get your creative juices flowing. This playful class will encourage you to tap into your imagination, experiment with color, and drink in the views of Aspen in the Summertime! All participants will receive one complementary cocktail and all painting supplies will be provided. No previous painting experience necessary- just an open mind and an inclination for fun!

Couples Night at The Jailhouse Studio: with craft cocktails and farm to table bites

This exciting class is designed to be the ultimate date night! Come with your honey and relax in the Jailhouse for a night of watercolor painting, craft cocktails made with local ingredients, and small farm to table bites. No painting experience is necessary!! I will be offering an introductory class to watercolor painting that takes an imaginative twist. This class will invite you to explore creativity and each other! You can come with a relative or a friend- anyone that you want to get to know better! This is an inclusive event- couples of all orientations welcome!

Plein Air Painting Series: Half + Full day Summer and Fall excursions in nature

En plein air is the act of painting outdoors! These workshops are designed to be an introduction to plein air painting with watercolors as well as a glimpse into how art offers us a deeper connection to nature. Workshops in this series will be half to full day excursions into nature with their own unique focus. Please read the workshop descriptions for details on walking distances! No painting experience necessary. Each participant will also receive their own mini plein air painting kit (moleskin journal, Greenleaf Blueberry artisanal paint set, paintbrush, and more.) Sign up early, as most workshops fill up!

Book a private session!

I offer one on one and private group watercolor workshops. Throw a watercolor dinner party at your house for your friends or book me for a more intimate plein air painting session in a destination that suits you. I love working with small groups and guiding custom experiences that pull creativity out of you and your group in a playful and welcoming manner. Please contact me at for more details and pricing.