for the love of water: a live arts mural

The theme of the 46th annual Carbondale Mountain Fair was WATER.  I wanted to contribute something to the theme, while producing art on site and raising money for water conservation.  I wanted to make something that not only told a story but also was accessible for as many people as possible to take home.  With a quick call out for scrapwood, the help of a few friends with power tools and an extra dose of ambition, I found myself with 32 blank canvases and 6 buckets of paint.  I partnered with Roaring Fork Conservancy and set out to produce the mural on site with the help of my best friend and fellow artist Kelsey Brasseur.  For three days, Kelsey threw pots on the wheel and I painted the boards.  We sold most of the boards and were able to raise $3,250 for water conservation.

Preparation and Planning at Home...

IMG_1248 2.JPG

Onsite at the Festival...

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