I’ve been thinking a lot about how I want to craft this project and how I’d like to share my findings. What i’m discovering is that this topic is very overwhelming, as it seems like our entire life as we know it is wrapped in plastic. I’m not trying to eliminate plastic from my life 100% because I don’t think that is realistic for most people and I want my experiments and discoveries to be useful to as many people as possible. I think its more practical to make small shifts and aim for what I’m calling semi-plastic free. I’m planning on sharing some of the themes that come up in my “solutions” section and some of the trends and takeaways I’m discovering as I start to make changes in my own lifestyle to eliminate plastic. I’ll be sharing the takeaways with artwork as they formulate. Here’s one big one to kick things off…


This may seem obvious but its not always easy. Here are some practical tips:

  • Buy foods packaged in glass jars instead of plastic containers. Glass is easier to recycle.

  • Don’t buy packaged produce. it’s just unnecessary!

  • Use the bulk bins for dry goods like rice, flour and nuts. Bring your own bags or jars.

  • If you can’t find blueberries that don’t come packaged in plastic containers, pick a different fruit… or go pick your own blueberries!

  • Shop local. buying things online always means more plastic packaging.

  • Consider your options when you are shopping. Some brands choose to add additional packaging even when its unnecessary. Weigh this into your choice when you decide which brand to buy.

  • When buying things that come packaged in bags, choose paper or compostable bags over plastic bags. Brands often have the choice to package in these alternatives!


Today I’m starting something I’ve been thinking about for a long time.

Screen Shot 2019-09-02 at 9.09.20 PM.png

I have been “plastic-free-curious” for over a year but I have not acted on it because it’s so overwhelming to think about how drastic of a lifestyle change it would be to eliminate plastic 💯 percent. What I’ve realized is that I might never be 💯 percent plastic free but I’d like to see how close I can get... and I’d like to do it gradually and share the process along the way. I’d like to become semi-plastic-free.

Step #1 is going to be to keep a plastic diary, where I can start to record my plastic consumption and catalog a solution to each instance of plastic consumption.

Step #2 will be taking action on those changes incrementally.

The first two entries to “things I love that come wrapped in plastic” include the moleskin journal I’m using for the project and my favorite Faber Castell ink pens I used to make the first entry. Yikes... I feel surrounded in plastic immediately, but I’m up for this challenge. Let me know if following along with this sort of thing interests you. I really want to use this project to inspire others to take action as well.