Thanks for your interest in purchasing my goods at Wholesale!  Below is a list of products available for order.  To place an order please call me at 610.400.7457, emailme at, or use the order form below.


calendar preview.jpg


Wholesale Cost: $16.00

Minimum Order: 10 Calendars

Calendars come packaged in clear plastic sleeve.  Leather hang tie included.

See detailed photos of each month below.

Notecard sets

Wholesale Costs:

Set of 8 Cards:    $14.00                         Set of 10 Cards:  $16.00

Minimum Order: 5 sets                              (can be mix of styles)

Notecard sets come packaged in a clear plastic box with envelopes and summary index card of all styles included in the set.

See Style Options below.



Wholesale Cost : $2.50/card

Minimum Order: 30 cards                         (can be mix of styles)

Cards come individually packaged in plastic sleeve with envelope.

See Style Options Below.

Style Options and Product Photos:

Calendar images:

Notecard Sets:

Individually packaged Card Styles: