PASS IT ON… a social experiment

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I created a set of 12 “TAKE ACTION” postcards to inspire people to set and share their intentions for a happier and healthier planet Earth. The postcards are an experiment in how powerful the ripple effect can be- and how important it is to share our stories and inspire others through our own ACTION! The postcards feature my original artwork on the front and a “mad-lib” on the back with space for you to insert your own ideas. I choose 12 action verbs for the front that could help inspire the pledge you choose to take, or the person you choose to send the postcard to. I screen printed a limited edition set of the postcards, available in my shop, to capture the unique nature of our intentions. No two postcards came out the same. I’ll be featuring the pledges I collect on the PASS IT ON blog and look forward to the grand experiment of social change!

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