What is a Kindness Jetpack?

I’ve been taking a new approach to the creative process lately… and the Kindness Jetpack is a great example. As I spend time hustling around, feeling overwhelmed and overly focused on the “holiday buying season” I have thought about what I really want to say with the things I make.

I realized that I like conducing experiments. I like making things that have a ripple effect and carry their meaning into as many people’s lives as possible. I like making things that create interaction and carry the kernels of my personal ethos.


So… extrapolating on an experiment I conducted last winter around Random Acts of Kindness, I invented the Kindness Jetpack! The Kindness Jetpack is a tiny little bundle of love you can inject around wherever you go. Its a tool you can use to brighten someone’s day. Its simple but also special. Each jetpack is loaded with 10 little notes of appreciation for you to leave wherever you see fit. Perhaps it’s in a tip jar, on a coffee table for a stranger to find, or on your best friend’s dashboard after she had a long hard day. I painted each note individually… so there are no two notes that are the same.


If you think these are cool, I’d love for you to have one. We will never know the impact of the notes you leave around but we can both feel good about putting just one more tiny little ray of sunlight out there in the world.

Kindness Jetpacks
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