Making Ideas vs. Making Art


Lately I have felt like I’ve been writing a lot more emails than I have been making art. Despite my craving for paint stained fingers and a messy studio, I think it’s okay to let the ideation process take the lead on occasion. For me, the creative process originates in storytelling and collaboration, new ideas and a deep desire to do something about my own impassioned callings. There are so many causes I care about, and statements I want to make, but I think it’s vital to distill down our own ideas and take action on one thing at a time. I keep being called towards the importance of INTENTION and how powerful a concept it is when you apply it to your life. I have always believed in the process of manifestation, but more and more I have been uncovering the science that supports the idea of a more conscious and connected mental landscape. Here are some of my latest favorite podcast episodes:

On Being: James Doty- the Magic Shop of the Brain

The Model Health Show: The Science Of Gratitude & How The World’s Top Achievers Utilize It

I look forward to distilling my ideas further and moving forward with the making of art that carries the power of action. My hope is to make things with the reciprocal power to evolve well beyond the tiny part I play in putting it into the world. Stay tuned!

Sarah Uhl1 Comment